Biblical Archaeology Review 29:4, July/August 2003

Philistines Upon the Seas

Author Tristan Barako defends his claim that the Philistines did indeed migrate to Canaan over water.

By Tristan Barako

Biblical Archaeology Review

In the March/April issue of BAR, two scholars, Tristan Barako and Assaf Yasur-Landau, presented contrasting arguments about how the Philistines, one of the feared Sea Peoples, left their Aegean homelands and came to settle on the coastal plain of Canaan. (“One if by Sea … Two if by Land: How Did the Philistines Get to Canaan,” BAR 29:02) The migration took place sometime after 1200 B.C., when the great palace cultures of the Mycenaean and Aegean world collapsed and when many cities in the eastern Mediterranean were destroyed. How did the Philistines get to Canaan?

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