Biblical Archaeology Review 29:4, July/August 2003


Biblical Archaeology Review

Lawrence E. Stager is Dorot Professor of the Archaeology of Israel at Harvard University, director of the Harvard Semitic Museum and director of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon.

Alan Millard is professor of Hebrew and ancient Semitic languages at the University of Liverpool. He co-edited the Dictionary of the Ancient Near East and is the author of two popular books, Treasures from Bible Times and Discoveries from the Time of Jesus (Lion, 1985 and 1990). Among scholars, he is known for having co-published the text of the Atrahasis myth, a Babylonian flood account.

Tom Powers holds degrees from Florida Atlantic University and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been a full-time volunteer in Israel since 1999. He has served as a guide and teacher for the Biblical Resources center in Ein Karem-Jerusalem and for the Nazareth Village project; he has also participated in projects with the Jerusalem Archaeology Field Unit and in the excavations at Bethsaida and Kursi. He previously worked in church-related social ministries and with the non-profit home builder Habitat for Humanity. He can be reached at

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