Biblical Archaeology Review 29:5, September/October 2003
Ossuary Update

Summary report of the Examining Committees for the James Ossuary and Yehoash Inscription

20 June 2003 [released July 16, 2003]
To: Shuka Dorfman, Director-General, Israel Antiquities Authority

The Committees’ Establishment and Selection of Members

Word of the almost simultaneous discovery of the bone box known as the “James Ossuary” and the Yehoash inscription, from an unknown source (not from a methodical excavation), together with the emotions raised by the finds and extensive public interest amongst Jews and Christians, obliged the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the body responsible for all archaeological activities in Israel, to take action, to examine the finds and formulate a position on the subject. The IAA agreed to a short exhibit of the ossuary in Canada.

Numerous articles, all appearing within a short period of time, either confirm or deny the authenticity of the items. If the pieces are authentic (particularly the Yehoash inscription), then they are of great scientific value. The IAA was thus bound to do everything possible to arrive at the truth and present its conclusions.

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