Biblical Archaeology Review 29:5, September/October 2003

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David Corsello Hawthorne, New Jersey

Fails the “Smell Test”

Though a recent subscriber, I have already learned to approach your magazine with a grain of salt. But after reading “Demonstrably a Forgery” [summarizing the views of Professor Frank Moore Cross of Harvard University on the “Jehoash Inscription” (“The Paleographer: Demonstrably a Forgery,” BAR 29:03)], I now require a clothespin because my crap-o-meter routinely leaves the chart. When I subscribed to BAR, I knew you didn’t actually believe in the Bible, but I hoped you would not be openly hostile to it. I do realize the “Yehoash inscription” is not the Bible; however, you’ve made abundantly clear the problem it poses to your worldview should its authenticity go unchallenged.

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