Biblical Archaeology Review 30:1, January/February 2004
Dig 2004


Many people may be turning their attention to the classical world of ancient Greece this August, when the Olympic Games convene in Athens, but those of you who sign on this summer as dig volunteers in Israel or Jordan may well find yourselves handling artifacts that were already ancient when the first Olympics were held in 776 B.C. No other region in the world offers volunteers such an array of historical and culturally valuable dig sites in such a small area.

Nearly two dozen digs need your help. Some digs require little more than a willingness to rise early and patiently sift, shovel and cart away dirt, dirt and more dirt. A few are physically demanding; good boots, long hikes and sleeping bags are de rigueur. The excavations listed here are ready to embrace adventurers from all over the world, of all faiths, ranging in age from 18 to active retirees.

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