Biblical Archaeology Review 30:2, March/April 2004

Queries & Comments

We’ve Got Trouble, Right Here in River City

Several issues back, you wondered why a certain Israeli official [Israel Antiquities Authority Director Shuka Dorfman] hated you (“Israel Antiquities Authority Declines Dirty Money,” July/August 2003). I can explain. You, Sir, are a troublemaker. Which is why we love your magazine.

Peter Chase Alpine, Texas

H.S., Meet Ed.

The airing of personal vendettas is such a bore. Enough of rantings and ravings against the serious work done by the Israel Antiquities Authority and the American Schools of Oriental Research.

I do not know who hides behind the initials H.S., but it is time that the Editor stops him or her from going on the rampage against those serious organizations in what could be an otherwise serious publication.

Stephen Rosenberg London, England

I’ll have a word with H.S.—Ed.

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