Biblical Archaeology Review 30:4, July/August 2004

Queries & Comments

I’m Lovin’ It

I have been a subscriber to your magazine for years. I love it. I love it for the articles. I love it for the pictures. I love it for the criticisms. The spouting of venomous barbs aimed at all different people. The way you use the magazine to further your own causes and views. The way super-religious readers argue over fine points in the letters column. The way other scholars write in to add details or lesser-known facts. The way the article authors challenge or “correct” some of these writers.

I have always had a great interest in history. I am not religious myself, but the Bible is so important to history that watching it come alive in your magazine is as entertaining as it is educational.

BAR is a breath of fresh air for someone like me. I am always interested in learning. I also eagerly anticipate the silly letters from angry readers and your latest crusade.

Jeff Goldsmith West Babylon, New York

Sunk Too Low

The childishness and bickering among supposedly educated and presumably sophisticated people does the discipline of Biblical archaeology no good. There is more than enough room for scholarly disagreement, but it should never descend to the levels it seems to have descended.

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