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Biblical Archaeology Review, September/October 2004


Special Section

Caesarea: Herod and Beyond

Vegas on the Med

A Tour of Caesareas’s Entertainment District

By Yosef Porath

What city was the official residence of the Roman prefect after Judea came under direct rule by Rome beginning in 6 C.E.? What city was designated as capital of the Roman province of Judea after the Romans destroyed...Read more ›

Caesarea: Herod and Beyond

Building Power

The Politics of Architecture

By Kenneth G. Holum

In 44 C.E., the Jewish king Agrippa, king of Judea, stood in the theater of Caesarea, clothed in a garment woven of silver threads that glittered in the first rays of sunlight. To those who looked upon him, he seemed awesome...Read more ›


Fruits of the Sea

The Ma‘agan Mikhael Ship: The Recovery of a 2,400-Year-Old Merchantman

Reviewed by Michael R. Shurkin


Ancient Britain