Biblical Archaeology Review 30:5, September/October 2004
Caesarea: Herod and Beyond

Vegas on the Med

A Tour of Caesareas’s Entertainment District

By Yosef Porath

What city was the official residence of the Roman prefect after Judea came under direct rule by Rome beginning in 6 C.E.?

What city was designated as capital of the Roman province of Judea after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 C.E?

What city was the political and economic capital of the country from the institution of the Roman prefecture to the Arab conquest more than 600 years later?

What was the largest and most important city in Judea (called Palestina after Hadrian suppressed the Second Jewish Revolt in 135 C.E.) during the first to the seventh century C.E.?

If you are tempted to answer Jerusalem to any of these questions, you would be wrong.

And the answer to all the questions is the same: Caesarea Maritima.

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