Biblical Archaeology Review 31:1, January/February 2005

Queries & Comments

Enjoys the Controversies

As always, I enjoyed the September/October 2004 issue, including the various controversies and personality clashes that seem the normal state of relationships among archaeologists. I must confess to being very grateful, however, that I didn’t follow my own intention as an undergraduate many years ago to become an archaeologist! Instead, I was diverted into a quite different career path, first as a physician and much later as an Anglican priest.

I still maintain my interest in the subject, though, and find both the articles and the often rancorous disagreements in BAR fascinating. In contrast to some letter writers, I do not find archaeology and our Judeo-Christian beliefs in conflict. More often than not, the former tends to strengthen and confirm the latter.

Daniel C. Warren Newport News, Virginia

Hates the Controversies

I have been an on-again, off-again subscriber to BAR for a dozen years. I will not be renewing.

I have found your magazine very interesting on occasion, but I just can’t stand another issue that seems more devoted to the opinions of amateurs (letters to the editor) than to scholarly articles. Objections to evidence based on theology are similarly unwelcome in my eyes.

Just dig it up.

Give me a few reasonable theories about it.

Pick the strongest one.

Print it.

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