Biblical Archaeology Review 31:1, January/February 2005


Biblical Archaeology Review

Rami Khouri (“Where John Baptized”) is a Palestinian-Jordanian who is executive editor of the Beirut-based Daily Star newspaper, published throughout the Middle East, as well as an internationally syndicated political columnist. He is interviewed frequently on CNN and National Public Radio on Middle Eastern events and has been a consultant to the Jordanian tourism ministry on Biblical archaeology sites.

Scott G. Brown (“The Secret Gospel of Mark”) wrote his doctoral dissertation on “Secret Mark” at the University of Toronto (1999), where he teaches in the Department for the Study of Religion. He has published articles in Journal of Biblical Literature, Catholic Biblical Quarterly and Revue Biblique. His first book, Mark’s Other Gospel: Rethinking Morton Smith's Controversial Discovery, is scheduled for release in February 2005 by Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

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