Biblical Archaeology Review 31:2, March/April 2005

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Sick and Tired and Sick and Tired

I’ve been a BAR subscriber for many years and recently extended my subscription. But I’m beginning to reconsider whether I want to keep getting the magazine.

I’ll be blunt. I’m getting sick and tired of BAR’s having become little more than an archaeology gossip sheet, the supermarket tabloid of archaeology. I’m sick and tired of page after page of Oded Golan vs. the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), Hershel Shanks vs. IAA director Shuka Dorfman, archaeologist William Dever vs. archaeologist Israel Finkelstein, etc. It looks as if there isn’t enough real meat to fill the pages (the bitter fruits of the Intifada?) [the Palestinian uprising against Israel] and you have to resort to this garbage to compensate. Or perhaps you think it’s so titillating that it draws readers. Well, it turns this reader off.

Perhaps I’ll just have to say goodbye to BAR. I’d hate to; it has given me much enjoyment over the years. But it has gone far downhill.

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