Biblical Archaeology Review 31:3, May/June 2005


Biblical Archaeology Review

Ralph Pedersen (“Was Noah’s Ark a Sewn Boat?”) is a research associate at the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and has participated in underwater excavations ranging from a Bronze Age wreck at Uluburun, off Turkey, to American warships off the New York coast.

Oded Borowski (“In the Path of Sennacherib”) is associate professor of Hebrew language and Biblical archaeology at Emory Univeristy. He specializes in daily life in Iron Age Israel and has dug at Gezer, Dan, Ashkelon, Beth-Shemsh and Tel Halif.

Shimon Gibson (“John the Baptist’s Cave”) is a British-born and trained archaeologist based in Jerusalem, where he is a senior fellow at the W.F. Albright Institute. He has worked for the Israel Antiquities Authority and has published extensively on the archaeology of Jerusalem. Co-author James Tabor is chair of the religious studies department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Tabor’s specialty is the origins of Christianity and ancient Judaism, particularly Paul, John the Baptist and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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