Biblical Archaeology Review 31:4, July/August 2005

Queries & Comments

For the Trash Heap

Although I side with Eric Meyers regarding his call for your magazine to stop publishing articles on unprovenanced artifacts (First Person, March/April 2005), I won’t argue whether he is right or wrong. I just want to let you know that your response was absolutely unprofessional, spiteful and disturbing. I have never read such an unbridled, vicious outburst in my life, especially from a source that is supposed to maintain a reputation for credibility and objectivity. It read like a temperamental child angry over something his classmate said.

I am a graduate student and purchased my first BAR this morning with the intention of reading through it to consider adding it to my list of subscriptions. If this is the sort of crap that you’re publishing, however, it will be my privilege to toss this asinine garbage in the trash and forget that I ever heard of you.

Robert Turner Cincinnati, Ohio

As Important As Our DSS Victory

It’s way past time that I thank you for BAR! Today I’m thanking you in particular for your campaign for improved handling of unprovenanced materials. It’s at least as important as your great Dead Sea Scrolls victory.

Lee Boyd via email
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