Biblical Archaeology Review 31:5, September/October 2005

Queries & Comments

What’s Not to Like?

I would have to think all day and into the night to find anything I don’t like about BAR. Without it, I would never have learned about the minimalist controversy, which could have staggering theological and political ramifications.

Rev. Frederick F. Johnson Adjunct Professor of Philosophy Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, Florida

Here’s What’s Not to Like

Your magazine has increasingly become a magazine about controversies and professional squabbling. I have no interest in this and resent paying for the pages and pages that you devote to this type of “news.”

Please define your mission—is BAR for professional archaeologists and their world or is it for the education of laymen? I hope you choose the latter. If you do, I will happily resubscribe.

Diana Merz Falls City, Nebraska

Don’t Get Emotional

As a recent subscriber, I love your magazine but I am surprised at how emotional and subjective your stories sometimes are.

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