Biblical Archaeology Review 32:1, January/February 2006


Biblical Archaeology Review

Eilat Mazar (“Did I Find King David’s Palace?”) teaches at Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology. In addition to her work in the City of David, Mazar digs at the Phoenician site of Achziv. She has been publishing the final report of the excavations south of the Temple Mount that were led by her grandfather, Benjamin Mazar.

Assaf Yasur-Landau (“Your Career Is in Ruins”) is a lecturer in the department of archaeology at Tel Aviv University and co-director of the Tel Kabri excavations. He has also excavated at Ashkelon, Modiin and Megiddo. Co-author Eric H. Cline is chair of the department of classical and Semitic languages and literature at George Washington University. He is currently co-director of the excavations at Kabri and Megiddo and has dug in Israel, Greece, Jordan and Egypt.

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