Biblical Archaeology Review 32:1, January/February 2006

Update: Finds or Fakes?

Biblical Archaeology Review

Breaking news as we go to press:

Shuka Dorfman, the former army general and now the politically appointed head of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) with no archaeological experience or background, has finally gotten his man—the man behind the looting, the destroyer of Israel’s culture, the scholar who betrayed his profession and religion in his quest for fame and fortune.

Once he had the criminal in his scope, Shuka (as he is universally known) took no chances. Carefully closing in on his quarry, Shuka struck: The scholar was arrested and grilled for hours at a police station. His passport was taken from him to prevent his escape to the United States for an academic conference

Now he has been publicly identified: Hanan Eshel, one of the world’s most distinguished Dead Sea Scroll scholars and archaeologists. Universally respected and admired, he is a former head of the archaeology department at Bar-Ilan University and now a senior lecturer there. He is also an Orthodox Jew.

More than any other scholar, Eshel is dedicated to the search for more scrolls in the Judean Desert. But he has competition: the Bedouin who roam the desert with their flocks, searching every nook and cave for the smallest scroll fragment.

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