Biblical Archaeology Review 32:3, May/June 2006

Queries & Comments

It Runs in the Family

What a great article on finding David’s palace by Eilat Mazar! (“Did I Find King David’s Palace?” 32:04) It reads like a keen-witted detective story. She is a most impressive lady, following her smart ideas despite little encouragement from other scholars in her field. Her famous grandfather [Benjamin Mazar] would be proud.

Jerome Treacy Clarkston, Michigan


The newly revealed remains of King David’s palace are so awesomely impressive that I almost tremble at the photographs.

Marty Daleness Sacramento, California

Destroys Revisionist Theory

Eilat Mazar’s article on King David’s palace was very thorough and well-written. The piece also understated its claims. But whether or not she has found King David’s Palace, the building destroys a major tenet of revisionist theory, i.e., that Jerusalem was an unimportant village at the time of the United Monarchy of David and Solomon.

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