Biblical Archaeology Review 32:5, September/October 2006

Strata: In Their Own Words

In a recent interview with BAR, archaeologist and Bible scholar Philip King explained how he became interested in Biblical archaeology and how he views the relationship between the Bible and archaeology.

I really like the Iron Age because that’s the Biblical period, roughly from about 1200 B.C. down to 500 B.C. But with archaeology you can’t just say, “Let’s get rid of the layers I’m not interested in and study the layers I am interested in.” You can’t be selective.

Archaeology does not prove the Bible, but it can elucidate and explain. I don’t take the Bible to the dig and say, “I want to prove that verse there by something I’m going to find in the ground.” You’ve got to come to an excavation tabula rasa, with a blank mind, and accept what comes out. You can’t come with any preconceptions.

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