Biblical Archaeology Review 32:6, November/December 2006

Queries & Comments

I started subscribing to BAR in 1991 or 1992. Then in 1998 I met a woman, Dr. Sheila Tanenbaum. On our first tentative date, we happened to discuss Biblical Archaeology Review. BAR proved to be a powerful bond. In October of that year, I canceled my subscription—because Sheila and I started sharing the magazine as husband and wife.

It’s been eight happy years. Our only minor conflict is when BAR arrives: Who gets to read it first?

Michael Bernet New Rochelle, New York

I’m so tired of Hershel Shanks. Period. Please cancel my subscription to BAR immediately.

Clifford Hull Indianapolis, Indiana

A Great Magazine

I have just finished reading your July/August issue. From cover to cover, fantastic! The diversity of articles and reviews, the depth of research and the differences of scholarly opinion truly make your magazine one of the “greats”!

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