Biblical Archaeology Review 33:1, January/February 2007

Strata: In History

BAR takes a look back at some important events in history that happened during the months of January and February.

January 1, 630 C.E. Muhammed triumphantly enters Mecca on this day, according to some sources.

January 5, 1906 C.E. Archaeologist Dame Kathleen Kenyon is born in England.

January 24, 41 C.E. The depraved and cruel Roman emperor Caligula is assassinated by his own guards.

February 16, 1923 C.E. Howard Carter opens the burial chamber of King Tutankhamun.

February 23, 1455 C.E. Traditional date of the first printing of the Gutenberg Bible.

February 24, 303 C.E. Galerius’s edict against the Christians begins wide-scale persecution in parts of the Eastern empire.
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