Biblical Archaeology Review 33:4, July/August 2007

Deconstructing Forgery

On January 16–18, 2007, the Biblical Archaeology Society sponsored a private conference in Jerusalem to discuss many of the ancient inscriptions that have recently been alleged to be forgeries. The participants included many of the world’s leading epigraphers and material scientists.

Hershel Shanks’s fascinating report on this conference is now available electronically info at no charge.

Attached to the report are the participants’ abstracts and papers—also available electronically info at no charge.

This material is available in several forms. You may wish to read a short summary of the report. You may wish to read, either now or after reading only the summary, the full report (26 pages). Or, you may wish to order some or all of the appendices. Simply go to our Web site at info, and select your preferred option. We will send you the requested material in electronic format info free of charge.

If you would like a hard copy of this report and its appendices, it is available at a cost of $39.95, plus shipping and handling.

André Lemaire

“You need to be suspicious when you check the inscription, but when you check it—and very carefully—and there is no serious argument, [the suspicion should evaporate]. Suspicion is usual at the beginning, but you have to do your work, not just stand there and say, ‘It is suspicious. It is suspicious.’”

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