Biblical Archaeology Review 33:5, September/October 2007

Queries & Comments

I have enjoyed reading your magazine now for about 20 years. I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been. You get enough letters, it seems, of people canceling their subscriptions. I hope you get letters also from people who appreciate what you do.

Dirk E. Huttenbach Atlanta, Georgia

Wow! Two in a Row

I just finished reading the May/June 2007 issue of BAR featuring the Dead Sea Scrolls. I believe it is the best issue ever. Every article was well written and interesting. I can hardly wait until the next issues when you continue the series on the scrolls.

Leif C. Hatlen Houston, Texas

Dead Sea Scrolls Online?

Is there available the opportunity to view some of the Dead Sea Scrolls manuscripts online?

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