Biblical Archaeology Review 33:6, November/December 2007

A Grand Cooperative Project

An investigation into the modern history of the Codex Sinaiticus is just one element in a much larger Codex Sinaiticus Project, the budget of which is nearly two million dollars.

Of course the codex will be conserved with the latest conservation methods to preserve it for future generations. High-quality digitized photographs will be accessible on the Internet. A replica or facsimile edition will be published.

The Web site for the project will include, in addition to the text of the codex itself, a variety of interpretive entries in several languages written specifically for the Web site. The text of Sinaiticus will also be transcribed so that it will be easily read by anyone who can read Greek. The text of the Web site is planned to be available in several different languages.

A television documentary and a popular book are in the planning stages.

Finally, an exhibit will also be organized to showcase the results. A scholarly conference will be held to allow the scholars participating in the project to share their experience with other scholars and to obtain feedback from them. This will be followed by a book of scholarly essays based on the conference. And all this will be accomplished by the end of 2009.

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