Biblical Archaeology Review 33:6, November/December 2007

Queries & Comments

I wonder if anyone else noticed: Two of the three lead articles in your July/August issue were by women (Norma Franklin and Lisbeth Fried). Both the “Biblical Views” and “Archaeological Views” columns were by women (Mary Joan Winn Leith and Ayelet Gilboa). And the only book review was by a woman (Paula Wapnish). Even one of the three cartoon caption-contest winners was a woman (Hannah Meddaugh). Good for you. Keep it up!

Carol Weil New York, New York

Your special report on the Jerusalem Forgery Conference (First Person, BAR 33:04 and is outstanding. Kol Hakovod [“All honor to you”].

As a trial lawyer, I confess that I have a preference for juries. In a sense, the readers of BAR are the jury, assessing the expert testimony.

Arden E. Shenker Portland, Oregon
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