Biblical Archaeology Review 34:1, January/February 2008

Queries & Comments

Inveigh Away

Yes, sir, I agree with you; you do inveigh—a lot—causing me, on occasion, to consider cancellation. However, when you come forth with “Of Curiosities and Relics” (First Person, BAR 33:05) and the fascinating and very informative Dead Sea Scroll features (BAR 33:03, 33:04, 33:05), all is forgiven!

Earl A. Taylor Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Delight in the Past

Please keep on “inveighing”! All scholars and “experts” need that little needling voice to keep them humble (if that is possible). I wonder if those who describe ancient objects as mere “curiosities” or “relics” have ever been delighted to keep for their children a great-grandmother’s crystal bowl or a great-grandfather’s filleting knife. I own my great-great-grandmother’s soup bowls from England. I don’t consider them mere curiosities but a connection with the past.

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