Biblical Archaeology Review 34:2, March/April 2008

Queries & Comments

Your magazine has been regularly accused of atheism, agnosticism and, for all I know, alcoholism. But you weave a mostly successful and respectful path among science, archaeology, literature, religion and history— and that ain’t easy! No publication will please all of the people all of the time (including me), but those who do not want to hear new information, those who preserve their faith and religion in a vacuum where contradictions and conundrums dare not be acknowledged, are best advised to read only their Bibles and comforting religious tracts.

The Bible itself is full of apparent contradictions. Therein lies our work.Many of us enjoy the challenge and grow from processing all of the information that is out there— the religious, the archival and the archaeological.

Elaine Lavine New York, New York

My wife and I just returned from a two-week tour of the Holy Land with the Biblical Archaeology Society. I thank you so much for the knowledge you have passed down to us all. The trip was an eye-opener and made the Bible come to life for us. We were able to spend a half-day on the Temple Mount and had time to explore it. Your Secrets of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and BAR made my wildest dreams come true, to see and understand what I had studied and read about for most of my life.

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