Biblical Archaeology Review 34:4, July/August 2008

Queries & Comments

BAR Gives Sight to the Blind

As a former avid reader of BAR who lost his sight about 5 years ago, I want to compliment you on the wonderful issue you have put online. While I cannot read the magazine, I can have my computer read, as I am currently doing, the articles in the magazine… Thank you! Now when the subscription is set to run out in 2010 I can renew and continue to “read” the magazine. I assume that you will provide future issues online. If not, please take this as a definite vote in favor of doing so!

Bob Thomale DeSoto, Texas

Let the People Speak!

I wish I could join the accolades your readers have given James L. Kugel’s How to Read the Bible. Richard Elliott Friedman’s review essay of Kugel’s book (January/February 2008) and Kugel’s response (March/April 2008) afford almost innumerable illustrations of the confusion among Biblical scholars about how to understand the Bible.

Kugel insists that the Old Testament interpreters subscribed to the divine origin of the Biblical text and considered it to be inerrant. Modern scholars have shown, says Kugel, that Biblical history is no longer believable. “The Exodus never took place; the Israelites never conquered Canaan; David’s mighty kingdom never existed; Moses, David, Solomon and other reputed Biblical authors never wrote the things attributed to them.” What is the Bible student to do?

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