Biblical Archaeology Review 35:1, January/February 2009

Megiddo, Israel

Armageddon: Even better the second time around!

I had wished for this summer to come ever since the last day of the 2006 season at Tel Megiddo, when I fell in love with archaeology and decided that I had found a path for my future. Everything about my experience two years ago—the expert training, the enthusiastic team, the fantastic location and the chance to work with some of the most famous, interesting and controversial materials in the Levant—encouraged me to work tirelessly on my study of archaeology at Barnard College so that I would be able to take on a supervisory role when I returned.

The day I had longed for finally arrived this June, when I went back to the tell as a square supervisor in a new area, the Assyrian-period Area Q (Chicago Stratum III), excavated previously by the University of Chicago during the first half of the 20th century and also used as a battleground during Israel’s War of Independence. The square I oversaw, under the direction of Dr. Eric Cline (George Washington University) and Dr. Norma Franklin (Tel Aviv University), began as a dry, grassy, overgrown field. It took just 48 hours of tarp pitching, weeding, scraping, measuring and cleaning for our fantastic team to transform it into an active site.

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