Biblical Archaeology Review 35:1, January/February 2009

Digs Go Digital

If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer on an archaeological dig, our annual guide to excavations has all the info you need to find a dig that’s right for you. And when it comes time to pack for your trip, don’t forget your hat, sunscreen, work gloves—and your laptop.

With all of the amazing scientific advancements in recent years, digs are doing more than ever to incorporate hi-tech tools and to digitize their work for quicker, more accurate results—from Web sites to wi-fi and ground-penetrating radar to GPS. We offer here just a few examples of what’s being done at Holy Land digs of the 21st century. But none of it is possible without real people working on the ground, so read up, grab your boots and your Blackberry, and get out there!

3-D Scanning: Automating Pottery Drawings

Who We Talked To: Avshalom Karasik, the Hebrew University, Ph.D. student in math and archaeology.

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