Biblical Archaeology Review 35:4, July/August September/October 2009
Issue 200

Biblical Archaeology in Focus

A tribute to photographer David Harris

There is no denying that a stunning site shot or an artistic artifact photo can make the past come alive in ways that writing alone cannot. We’ve worked with the world’s foremost photographers, museums and stock houses to illustrate BAR with the best possible photos, but we focus here on one man whose camera masterfully captured the development of a discipline.

Last year we were shocked and saddened by the untimely loss of renowned photographer David Harris, who died at age 78 after being hit by a car in Jerusalem.

During his lifetime, David Harris and his camera captured many defining moments and finds in Biblical archaeology.

Harris spent several years at the Jewish Agency’s publicity and information department, where his photographs served to document a very difficult time in the growth of Israel, while portraying it in an optimistic light.

He began his freelance photography career in 1959, working for the press, archaeological excavations and commercial institutions, which he continued in Jerusalem until his death.

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