Biblical Archaeology Review 37:2, March/April 2011

Queries & Comments


Your November/December cover [of a composite Jesus] is phenomenal.

Howard Bailey Lincoln, Nebraska

Educational Cover

Your very striking November/December cover would be a fine educational image for a confirmation class. How can I get reprints?

Neil Young Erindale United Church Mississauga, Ontario

A high-resolution file can be downloaded at to make reprints for personal use (commercial use is not permitted).—Ed.

An Excuse to Print a Naked Lady—or Worse?

The Biblical Views column in your November/December 2010 issue (“Virgin Mother in Modern Art with Traditional Christian Values,BAR 36:06) praises a disgusting sculpture that author Mary Joan Winn Leith is trying to pawn off as a piece of art with deep theological truths. (Gag.) Does BAR simply want an excuse to print a picture of a naked lady—or something worse?

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