Biblical Archaeology Review 38:1, January/February 2012

Queries & Comments

Offensive Cartoons?

I really hate the cartoons in your cartoon caption contests. They reduce everything to the lowest common denominator, make fun of religion and are just plain ugly. I grimace and groan every time I see one and just don’t want to look at it.

Ditra Walsh via e-mail

Should we get rid of them?—Ed.

Callous to Christians?

I do like the articles and research in BAR, but I cannot abide the political correctness you have chosen to adopt by replacing B.C./A.D. with B.C.E./C.E. [Before the Common Era/Common Era].

There is no good reason for the change; the only real reason must be politics and/or a hate for dates being referenced around the birth of Jesus Christ. If you wish to be callous to your Christian readers so you can be overly sensitive to non-Christian readers, then you can pay the price in reduced readership.

Rollin Shultz Allentown, Pennsylvania

We allow each author to choose. Should we deny her/him this choice?—Ed.

Was the Motive a Little Jealousy?

Re: Your First Person, “When Is It OK for an Archaeologist to Speculate?” (BAR 37:05).

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