Biblical Archaeology Review 38:5, September/October 2012

Strata: Winged Goddess on Ring Found in Abandoned Hoard

Almost 1,900 years ago, a wealthy woman in Israel carefully wrapped her gold and silver coins up in a cloth, together with a few pieces of her elegant gold jewelry. She then dug a hole in the dirt floor and buried the bundle for safekeeping before probably fleeing the area to escape the impending Roman violence during the Bar-Kokhba Revolt (132–135 C.E.). She never returned to reclaim her valuables.

This rich treasure trove, which includes some 140 coins, a gold flower-shaped earring and a gold ring set with an inscribed precious stone seal, were recently discovered during excavations at Kiryat Gat under the direction of Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) archaeologist Emil Aladjem. The coins of Roman emperors Nero, Nerva and Trajan (who ruled 54–117 C.E.) date the hoard to the period just before the Bar-Kokhba Revolt.

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