Biblical Archaeology Review 38:5, September/October 2012

Queries & Comments

I have been a subscriber for more than 20 years and just want to say thanks to all the staff for keeping the presses rolling when so many others have thrown in the towel.

Mark Colwell Olathe, Kansas

We’re trying! Thanks for your support.—Editorial Staff

Zany Zebra

Re: Your comment on the zebra with the menorah on the side (Strata: “Meanwhile in Africa …BAR 38:03): I’m glad to see that BAR has a sense of humor!

T.A. Hansen Phoenix, Arizona

A Smoking Menorah

Thank you for the lovely photo of the “seven-branched menorah on the zebra’s side.” But unless I’m miscounting, it’s a nine-branched menorah. It’s beautiful, nevertheless, with the trails of smoke floating away from the extinguished lamps. I hope the picture hasn’t been photo-shopped.

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