Biblical Archaeology Review 39:3, May/June 2013

Queries & Comments

Uncovered on the Cover

Eeeeeeewwwwwwww! Half-naked woman on the cover of the January/February 2013 issue!

G.A. Donaldson, Ph.D. Southport, North Carolina

Archaeologist’s Sports Illustrated

I always enjoy the Dig Issue (BAR 39:01), which so many seem to regard, for better or for worse, as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition of the archaeological world.

David Crossman, Ph.D. St. Augustine, Florida

The Church as Bride

Over the years I’ve heard many rationalizations for male supremacy. But Msgr. John C. Duncan’s comments (Q&C, BAR 39:01) take the prize. The Church, says he, is theologically a “bride,” so priests, who are spiritually married to the Church, are necessarily “grooms”—that is, males.

Oh, please. Jesus and his circle were no gender egalitarians when it came to leadership, true enough, but not because of this fantasy. They were simply men of their times, when all Mediterranean cultures subordinated women.

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