Biblical Archaeology Review 39:6, November/December 2013

Queries & Comments

What Brings You Here?

Thanks for “What Brings You Here?” (First Person, BAR 39:04). After reflecting on what brings me back to BAR with each issue, I fall into the category of the “struggler.” Biblical archaeology illuminates many questions but fails to provide many solid answers.

We live in a fascinating time when people have access to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi codices—even the Bible. Through BAR, we are fortunate to have a “meeting place” of scholarly opinions.

I like to strategically place a copy of BAR on the lunchroom table at work. I always enjoy the range of reactions. One of my coworkers reads the magazine hoping to affirm his faith in the Bible. Another is more interested in having the Bible “disproved.” I take the middle road.

Thank you for delivering such an informative, challenging, occasionally humorous and always enjoyable magazine.

Rob Gretsinger Kamloops, British Columbia Canada

Unabashed Fan Note

I’m an atheist, however I am a huge fan of BAR. I generally save it to read when I’m clear of work, ringing phones, distractions, etc.

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