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Biblical Archaeology Review 4:2, June 1978

"Your Journal Is Not to My Taste"

Prominent Israeli archaeologist blasts BAR, asks to be left alone

By Nahman Avigad

In the June 1977 issue of the BAR you initiated a crusade against excavators who withhold information and photographs of unpublished finds to the press (“Tight-Lipped Archaeologists—How the Press Erred,” BAR 03:02). For some reason you chose me as the main target for your attack. In the December issue, you continued your crusade against me with even greater stress (“Without Avigad’s Pictures—Is the Jerusalem Cardo Roman After All?” BAR 03:04). If the purpose of your repeated efforts was to provoke me to react, you succeeded in doing so. I would like to communicate to BAR readers the following remarks.

The December 1977 issue glitters with incorrect information and false data. In the following, I shall comment only on those points which are associated with my name. On p. 10 you repeat the false story of my alleged withholding correct information on the Byzantine date of the Jerusalem Cardo. This is a ridiculous and absurd accusation. From the very first moment when we were convinced about the correct date of the Cardo, I and my assistants were glad to explain to every visitor on the dig, including your BAR correspondent, the surprising development at our excavations, which disproved the commonly accepted Roman date of the Cardo. Your detective story of how you obtained the correct information (BAR, June 1977) is ridiculous.

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