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Biblical Archaeology Review 4:2, June 1978

Queries & Comments

An Archaeological Restorer Comments on Preservation

To the Editor:

Kol ha-Kavod [all honor] to BAR for taking the initiative in starting an Archaeological Preservation Fund. How desperately this is needed was made clear to me in my 9 ½ years in Israel. Helplessly I watched the magnificent western wall of the Solomonic citadel at Arad deteriorate and finally collapse through lack of preservation work. Joan Borsten in her article for BAR (“A Heritage in Danger,” BAR 03:03) has given a good thumbnail sketch of the sad situation. But even this only touches the tip of the iceberg.

I am in complete agreement with Dr. Zev Herzog of Tel Aviv University who feels that preservation should be the responsibility of the Israeli Department of Antiquities. When responsibility is divided, as it is now, between the Department and the National Parks Authority the result is a large grey area, neither black nor white, where nothing is done and neither is accountable.

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