Biblical Archaeology Review 4:4, November/December 1978

Yigael Yadin to Head New Excavation

Signaling an eventual return to the world of archaeology, Yigael Yadin has stated he will lead a major new archaeological excavation. Yadin, formerly head of Hebrew University’s Institute of Archaeology, is currently Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister.

Yadin’s new site is Tell Dor. The mound dramatically overlooks the Mediterranean Sea about 18 miles south of Haifa. Dor is one of the largest mounds in all Israel. Ancient literary references reflect its importance in a number of periods; archaeological remains confirm the literary references. The site includes a port, some of whose structures can still be seen under water.

Dor is first mentioned in an inscription of Ramses II (13th century B.C.) as a city on the famous Via Maris, the coastal road from Egypt to Mesopotamia.

In the Bible, Dor is mentioned as joining the coalition headed by Jabin, King of Hazor, in a war against Joshua (Joshua 11:1–5). Joshua defeated the king of Dor (Joshua 12:23), but apparently the Israelites were unable to conquer the city or to expel the Canaanites (see Judges 1:27). Dor was then conquered by one of the Sea Peoples before its ultimate capture by the Israelites in King David’s time. (In the famous Egyptian account of the journey of Wen-Amon [about 1100 B.C.], Dor is described as a city inhabited by the Tjeker, a sea people closely related to the Philistines.)

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