Biblical Archaeology Review 40:2, March/April 2014

Strata: BAR Salutes

We salute:

The law firm of Gilbert LLP and especially:

Richard D. Shore, Esq., Jason S. Rubinstein, Esq. and Kristiné M. Hanson, Esq.

When the building in which BAR has its offices suffered water damage, our insurance company adamantly refused to recognize our claim, even to make a partial payment. Accordingly, we retained the Washington law firm of Gilbert LLP to represent us. Because of the insurer’s continuing recalcitrance, Gilbert LLP filed a lawsuit on our behalf to vindicate our rights. We are pleased to report that our lawyers at Gilbert LLP recently negotiated a resolution of our insurance claim that we view as quite favorable.

We are especially grateful to Gilbert LLP for its decision to handle this case on a pro bono basis, that is, without charging us a fee, because the Biblical Archaeology Society is a charitable organization.

We also salute

Carol B. Michael

In contrast to the lawyers at Gilbert LLP, whom we have gotten to know very well, we did not know Carol B. Michael at all. We write in the past because Carol Michael passed away on December 16, 2011, at the age of 92. Carol Michael was a subscriber to BAR—she had been since 2003 and decided to include us in her will. In November we received a check from the Carol B. Michael Trust for nearly $16,000. We are deeply grateful and we are most pleased to salute her memory.

Something like this makes everything else worth it. We only wish that our gratitude somehow reaches her.

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