Biblical Archaeology Review 40:3, May/June 2014

Queries & Comments

Ladies’ Choice?

I just pulled the Digs issue from the mailbox (BAR 40:01). Thank you for remembering the ladies this year. What a good-looking young man in a skimpy top. He is really cute!

I always enjoy your fine magazine even though I don’t always agree, but I always learn something new. Keep up the good work.

Mary Nedza Essex, Illinois

Behind Closed Tents

Just a word on the “Jesus Wife” discussion (Strata, “‘Jesus’ Wife’ Update,BAR 40:01).

I know the issue may have some historical significance, but I see it as being on the same level as his eating, bathing or going to the bathroom.

Personally, I couldn’t care less what goes on behind “closed tents.”

Dan Falcone Folcroft, Pennsylvania
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