Biblical Archaeology Review 40:4, July/August 2014

Queries & Comments

Commuter Finally Succumbs

I started reading BAR in the 1970s when I worked in Washington, DC, picking up copies at Union Station. Amazing how many MARC train commuters would borrow it. I hope they subscribed. As a top-rate procrastinator, I have finally started my own subscription.

Sheila Rees Baltimore, Maryland

Archaeologists Don’t Support Archaeological Proposal

Your article “Where Is Mt. Sinai?” (BAR 40:02) reports that the identification of the holy mountain in Midian amazingly got little support in the discussion, despite the fact that this is the only proposal that is Bible-based and is now supported by archaeology. How do you explain this?

W. Scott Home Skagway, Alaska

We can’t.—Ed.

New Testament Support for Mount Sinai in Arabia

The article “Where Is Mount Sinai?” showing the likelihood of a Midianite/Saudi Arabian location was very good. However, I am surprised you did not refer to the reference in Galatians 4:25 to “Mount Sinai in Arabia.”

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