Biblical Archaeology Review 40:5, September/October 2014

Queries & Comments

“Sacred” Texts

Looking for an article in a back copy of BAR, I started searching through my “sacred pile”: BAR and Bible Review issues dating back to 1992, and all the Archaeology Odyssey issues published. Well, my search started slowing down as I began paging through each issue … then started reading the captions as I enjoyed the photos and sketches ... then started on whole articles. I have now “wasted” almost an entire morning—thank you! Oh, did I find the edition I was looking for? Of course not ... but who cares!

Neil Oosthuizen Johannesburg, South Africa

Attorney for the Defense

Re: John Byron’s “Did Cain Get Away with Murder?” (Biblical Views, BAR 40:03). Cain got the exact punishment prescribed by the Bible.

I am an attorney, and if I were representing him, I believe I could get him acquitted of murder. First of all, there is a precept in the law that “there is no crime without a previous law that defines it.” Between the prohibition that God imposed on Adam not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and the Seven Laws given to Noah, God did not prohibit anything. There was no law yet stating “You shall not kill.” No law, no punishment.

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