Biblical Archaeology Review 41:1, January/February 2015

Strata: Serious Scrolls Scholarship

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC), established in 1882 not long after Canadian independence, is Canada’s National Academy. Its mission is to recognize “leading intellectuals, scholars, researchers and artists and by mobilizing them in open discussion and debate, to advance knowledge, encourage integrated interdisciplinary understandings and address issues that are critical.”

Three formidable scholars from the realm of Biblical and archaeological studies were inducted as fellows by the RSC on November 22, 2014. The recipients include notable Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Eileen Schuller of McMaster University. This designation from the RSC is “the highest honour a scholar can achieve in the Arts, Humanities and Sciences.”

Also inducted were leading Q researcher John S. Kloppen­borg from the University of Toronto and distinguished Middle Eastern archaeologist Michel Fortin of the Université Laval.

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