Biblical Archaeology Review 41:1, January/February 2015

Queries & Comments

BAR Enhances Teaching

Thank you for BAR. I have been teaching a series of lessons I call “Know the Bible from a Hole in the Ground” using archaeological evidence, as well as other disciplines. Your publication has been very valuable.

Gary Garland Oak Grove Baptist Church Adairsville, Georgia

A Letter About Letters

The letters in BAR are too small. Why don’t you use the margins to make the letters bigger so I don’t have to use a magnifying glass to read them? I have all the issues from the beginning [40 years], and the reading is getting harder as time goes by.

Cal Jensema by email

That’s happening to me too. I’m 84. How old are you?—Ed.

Why Buy Mice?

Re: Ada Yardeni, “2,000 Ancient Aramaic Business Scribbles” (BAR 40:05).

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