Biblical Archaeology Review 41:2, March/April 2015

Queries & Comments

Archaeology’s Treasures

I love to read BAR cover to cover. I hugely enjoy the readers’ letters—cranky or praising. We can learn so much, yet still know so little. Archaeology can reveal and also frustrate and leave us with further mysteries.

Alice Honig Syracuse, New York

God’s Having Control Is a “Given”

Re: Andrew Lincoln’s article about Jesus’ conception, “How Babies Were Made in Jesus’ Time,BAR 40:06.

Mr. Lincoln makes very good points from a strictly human-logic standpoint. What he fails to give credence to is a Creator/God’s control over everything in his universe. Could God have provided the Y chromosome necessary for Jesus to be fully human without the sperm of a flesh and blood father? Of course. If Mr. Lincoln can’t acknowledge that one “given,” then he must also question every other event throughout Scripture that defies a human explanation. Cases in point:

Could God have stopped the rotation of the earth for Joshua in a battle with the Amorites (Joshua 10:13–14)?

Could one man like Samson exert the strength needed to cause a large building to collapse (Judges 16:29–30)?

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