Biblical Archaeology Review 41:3, May/June 2015

First Person: What Should We Do with $25,000?

By Hershel Shanks

Biblical Archaeology Review, May/June 2015

We have $25,000 available for an archaeological project!

Yes, it’s true, and we’re inviting proposals.

Here’s how it happened: Herod the Great lives on.

It all happened as a result of the search for Herod’s tomb. We know he was buried at Herodium. Josephus tells us so, in a detailed dramatic description of his funeral.1 But the question is, where at Herodium? This is what Josephus does not tell us.

After a 35-year search, the great Israeli archaeologist Ehud Netzer found the tomb in a small mausoleum on the side of the mountain that is Herodium. Then Netzer fell to his death when a wooden railing at the site gave way. An exhibit featuring the site and Herod’s mausoleum drew thousands at the Israel Museum.a

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