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Biblical Archaeology Review, January/February 2016



Digs 2016: Passport to the Biblical World

By Robin Ngo

Each summer, volunteers from around the world come to Israel and Jordan to participate in archaeological digs. Grab your passport and join BAR as we visit four digs that will open a portal to the storied world of the Bible and our ancient past. And learn about this year’s exciting excavation opportunities with our new dig map!Read more ›

Mysterious Jewish Building in Roman Turkey

By Martin Seyer

Recent excavations in Limyra, Turkey, have uncovered a mysterious building near the city’s east gate. Although the structure has been only partially excavated, Jewish iconography and architectural features have already surfaced. Could it be a synagogue?Read more ›

Monastic Views of Work

By Peter Brown

To the “holy poor” or the “real poor”—that is the question. To whom were alms to be directed? This question divided the early monastic movement in the East. Alms to the “real poor” ultimately traveled west and came to dominate modern Christianity.Read more ›

A Temple’s Golden Anniversary

By Peter J. SchertzSteven Fine

Fifty years ago, leading Israeli scholar Michael Avi-Yonah constructed a now-iconic model of the Second Temple destroyed by the Romans. But how accurate is it?Read more ›