Biblical Archaeology Review 42:5, September/October 2016


Biblical Archaeology Review

Bar Kribus (“Where Is the Land of Sheba—Arabia or Africa?”) is pursuing his doctorate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on the topic of the monastic movement of the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews). He has been a staff member of the Hebrew University excavations in Tiberias and the Naples University l’Orientale excavations in Seglamien (near Axum, Ethiopia).

Avi Hurvitz (“How Biblical Hebrew Changed”) is a professor emeritus in the Bible and Hebrew Language Departments of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His most recent work is A Concise Lexicon of Late Biblical Hebrew: Linguistic Innovations in the Writings of the Second Temple Period (2014).

Tony Burke (“‘Lost Gospels’—Lost No More”) is an associate professor in the Department of the Humanities at York University in Toronto, Canada, and the author of Secret Scriptures Revealed: A New Introduction to the Christian Apocrypha (London: SPCK, 2013). Burke’s research interests include the study of Christian biographical literature of the second century (infancy gospels), children and the family in Roman antiquity, curses and non-canonical Jewish and Christian writings.

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